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5 Practices to Guarantee a Healthier you in 2016

For most of us, at least 1 of our 7 million new years resolutions directly relate to becoming a happier and healthier version of ourselves in 2016…I mean who wouldn’t smile more with a slightly tighter bum?!

Sure, you’re motivated and sure, you’re ready to get a move on with these goals…but where to start? Don’t fear, we asked the same question to our health and fitness experts at the Brickworks and what they’ve had to say is going to get you as healthy as a Kale smoothie laced with a cocktail of multivitamins.

So grab a yoga mat and get comfortable, here are 5 practices to guarantee a healthier you in 2016 – straight from the experts.

Australia’s foremost expert in natural hormones, Dr Maura McGill is the founder of the brand new Brickworks Women’s Medical Clinic and offers this 5 minute piece of golden advice to pop into your daily routine. Here’s what Dr McGill has to say:

You’ve probably read it before: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”  – Zen proverb 

Stress most definitely can affect your health, both mentally and physically. As a senior doctor, I see it every day. Women are often stretched very thin, time-wise. So finding 20 minutes “me time” can seem impossible when you prioritise others as a way of life. Being a mother, wife, daughter, lover, friend. Why are we always last on the list?

That’s the world in which we live unfortunately, and the life we live in it. You can change that (and ideally should), but it isn’t exactly very easy or practical to do. So here’s a real world solution I created for my patients: You can find five minutes, that’s why I created 5 Minutes Peace – How to Meditate for 5 Minutes, a meditation CD for busy women.

So take, benefit from and enjoy this digital version of 5 Minutes Peace – How to Meditate for 5 Minutes, as my gift to you.

– Dr Maura McGill

With the amount of expertise at Pride Physiotherapy & Nutrition we could start a small university. Neil, Jenny and Kat give you three of their favourite on-the-go shake recipes that are as simple as blend and bounce:

Meet the SUPER SHAKE – It’s a meal in a glass — high-quality liquid nutrition that gives you everything you need in a convenient, portable, delicious package. We love a healthy nutritious meal-on-the-go…heres how you should go about getting the most out of your liquid meals… 

1. Pick a liquid
2. Add your protein
3. Choose your veggies
4. Select some fruit
5. Pop in some healthy fats
6. Garnish

Kat’s fave – Almond milk with whey protein, spinach, roasted sweet potato, pineapple, chia seeds and yoghurt.
Jenny’s old faithful – Water with rice protein, celery, ginger, frozen berries, flax seed meal and coconut.
Neil’s never fail – Iced green tea with whey protein, powdered greens, bananas, dates, almonds and oats with cinnamon.

The team at Divine Goddess Yoga Products live and breathe the zen life. Here’s one of their sure-fire methods to guarantee a healthy mind and a great start to the day:

At Divine Goddess we love to begin the day with five minutes of gratitude. This is a practice that sets our day in the most positive way. Taking this time, each and every morning, allows both our conscious and unconscious self to recognise how lucky we are for the land we live in, the lives we live and the people we are. Enjoy the following practice on the beach as the sun rises or in the comfort of your own home:

  1. Take a comfortable, cross-legged sitting position. Ideally on one of our Eco Friendly Yoga Mats. Allow the sense of grounding to slowly envelope the body and breathe.
  2. Take your awareness to the contact of your seat and the floor and allow the energy to rise up through your spine. Lift your breath into your chest and allow your shoulders to reach to the earth.
  3. As each breath enters the body feel the light spill into your chest. Direct this light up underneath your collar bones. Exhale, keeping this light in the upper part of your torso. The light you are creating is one of gratitude.
  4. Find the moments, activities and pursuits that bring you the most gratitude, recognise them and give thanks. With each inhale take this gratitude into your body and hold in the chest. Each exhale keep it there.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new should be what 2016 is all about. The masters of the Yoga mat, Essence of Living are throwing you a curve ball and asking you to get that booty moving with a quick Pilates Barre workout each day:

Based on classical ballet movements, Pilates Barre was born in a London basement and soon became a trendy workout location where famous faces such as Joan Collins and Barbara Streisand regularly went to lift, tuck, and curl. Since then, Barre has morphed from a class for nimble dancer-types, to become the workout of choice for a diverse range of people who not only want to strengthen their muscles, but create a long, lean and supple appearance to the their entire body.

As well as getting a bangin bod! Barre will also help improve your mind body connection. The smaller movements in a Barre class can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don’t get in regular strength workouts. By doing two to four movements—holding, pulsing, stretching, for example—at a time in each move, you can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles creating a strong connection throughout.

Barre classes at Essence of Living are super fun, motivating and a great way to mix up the fitness routine. With funky tunes, Barre is an innovative and dynamic movement that’s suitable for all fitness levels. Try this online Booty Burning Barre workout and we’re sure you’ll be hooked.

Did you think we would let you get out of this without a solid, hard yakka workout? Sorry but here comes the sweat and it is courtesy of our friends at Snap Fitness Southport:

Making sure you fit even a short amount of exercise in everyday clears the mind and is great for the body. This workout is great if you’re lacking time and need high impact movements that get great results. Follow this 5 minute circuit by the Snap Fitness Southport team:

10x Jumping jacks
10x Pushups
10x Dips
10x Kettle bell swings
10x High knees
10x Burpies
10x Jumping lunges

AND repeat 5 times

If this doesn’t get your heart beating, your forehead sweating and your muscles burning…you’re doing it wrong. Happy New Year!

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January 14, 2016