5 Questions with Soul Centre’s Libby

Howdy there to our newest arrival at the Brickworks Centre – Soul Centre Yoga and Pilates.

Libby Wever is the fabulous face behind the studio and she’s kindly spared a few minutes so we could get the scoop on our new neighbour…

How many years have you been practicing yoga and what makes where have you done your training?

I have been practicing yoga for 5 years and pilates for 13 years. I did my teacher training at Essence of Living for both yoga and pilates. Soon after that I decided that I would love to share my practise so I started teaching. This coming February I am furthering my studies and am doing another teacher training with Lance Schuler down in lovely Byron Bay. I love learning news skills and can’t wait to share them with my students.


Tell me some more about your yogi team and why they are special…

Soul Centre has an amazing array of teachers! They come from all different types of teacher training backgrounds, some domestically and others internationally. Each Soul Creature brings a different element to the studio but what they all have in common is their passion, ability to care and their bubbly personalities.


Your favourite yoga pose and why?

One of my most favourite poses is Virabhadrasana 111 (Warrior 111) as you have to maintain balance but at the same time feeling powerful.


I’ve noticed amazing new yoga wear brands in store, what else is new and fresh with the new studio?

Soul Centre has a handful of carefully picked unique brands such as Dead Studio, LoznPoz, Little Shala, Spiritual Warrior, and Alo yoga & piates wear. We also have the most amazing mats from Liforme – they’re pretty special.


What can we look forward to with Soul Centre?

We have some special events coming up with our end of year party, Mala making workshops, children’s workshops, and a doTERRa oils event.

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December 2, 2016