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Work it with Kim from Snap

Snap Fitness Southport is not only convenient and open 24/7 but gives you access to undoubtedly some of the most passionate and friendly trainers on the coast. Wanting to get to know them better we’ve first corned the pocket rocket of the squad Kimberley of Miss Kimberley Fitness…


Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do?

My name is Kimberley and I am a personal trainer at Snap Fitness Southport. I help females of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels to achieve their goals.


What inspired you to become a Snap Fitness trainer? 

I have always loved sport and have had an active lifestyle since a young age, I chose Snap Fitness because of the comfortable environment, lovely people and great atmosphere! Everyone is here to help others and achieve goals! They’re really the things you should look for in a gym.


What is your fitness philosophy?

My philosophy is revolved around women’s health and Fitness. My future goal is to make any women feel gorgeous and love themselves in their own skin.


What is one exercise that you swear by?

SQUATS!!!!! Squats make a good booty.


What are your workout non-negotiables?

Earphones and good music, you always need one of those tracks to keep you going!


Three foods you can’t live without?

Chocolate, chicken and PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!


What’s your go-to snack for those days on the run?

I always try to choose the healthiest snack when on the go, if I am near a centre I will grab a pre made salad and to avoid eating out, I always prep my meals the day before.


What is your one tip for people who want to embrace a healthier life? 

Love yourself and accept who you are, work on your health and fitness for you! Motivate yourself with where you’ve come from to where you are now!! Embrace and choose good healthy foods… Live life healthy, well and ENJOY IT!!


Anything else?

5 Steps to start your day well:

1) Get a good night’s sleep

2) Wake up earlier than you currently are, go to the beach or for a walk to start your day.

3) Find a positive word/quote/picture to motivate you throughout the day

4) Do something good for yourself like a hard workout or a good deed for someone else

5) Smile and think positive! Even if something is bothering you don’t let it bring you down. You can still have a good day!

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December 8, 2016