Beach House Bucket List

Summertime is almost here, which means the days are going to be longer, lazier, and whoa, oh so much hotter. In other words… time to make a break for the beach house! These homewares and accessories will help you adjust to the higher temperatures quite stylishly…

1. Dune Outdoor Luxuries – Tamiami Vinyl Lace Spring Base by Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan’s Tamiami Vinyl Lace is iconic. Sit in the Spring Base design and wish you the best of luck trying to get out of it! Dune Outdoor Luxuries can get their hands on the whole range of vivid colours to suit any outdoor setting.


2. Dwell – Glacier Wine Cooler by Stelton

Celebrate your passion for wine to the fullest. The Glacier Wine Cooler is created in stoneware with beautiful white glazing and a quality leather handle, is a fitting tribute to the glorious world of wine.

3. Freedom – Hammock – $199

Don’t ‘coulda woulda shoulda’ with this summer essential. Picture this – a summer breeze is blowing and you’re ever so slightly rocking with the wind… Trust us, this is the hammock you want to be in!

4. Wheel & Barrow – Glass Dome with Beechwood Base – $99.95

You needn’t compromise style in order to dine outdoors. With this stylish Beechwood Base Glassdome you can delight in your favorites foods in the open-air without fending off the elements.

5. St Barts – Limequat Botanical Candle by Sohum

This candle has been tried and tested with positive results i.e. from the first flame we were hooked! If you could give summer a scent it would be this candle, the citrus fragrance is downright addictive!

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November 1, 2016