Beet(root) it!

It’s as pretty as a picture but the beetroot latte is more than just that, this delicious pink drink is a coffee substitute that’s got an obsessed following for good reason.

The dreamy pink concoction that you’ve seen popping up everywhere is high in antioxidants, meaning it’s the drink that your body craves after putting in a hard session at Snap Fitness or when you’re feeling under the weather at the beginning of a cold. Ticking the box as a root vegetable beetroot can help fight inflammation and detoxify the liver. It’s no wonder why the beetroot latte is giving the turmeric latte a good run for its money!

You can try one for yourself at the Cardamom Pod or Providore. Alternatively you can pick yourself up a mix to make at home at The Standard Market Company.

It does make you wonder though, what will they come up with next?!

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July 25, 2017