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Because All The Best Chefs Use…

Shhhh… we don’t want everyone to know that we’re spilling the chef’s secrets! You know those ‘wow’ products that really make your senses dance? Well, we’ve found them – the most luxurious and hard to find items of the lot. Our inside source has revealed to us the hidden products in The Standard Market Company that will take you on an epicurean adventure around Australia and the world from your very own kitchen!


Located just outside of Barcelona, Cellars Avgvstvs Forvm uses their best wine to create a vinegar that is beyond exceptional. Because only the finest wine is used to craft the vinegar the process takes twice as long. The world’s top chefs can attest to the extra effort though, it’s said that Forvm Vinegars has a quality and versatility like no other. Ferran Adrià, acclaimed to be the best chef in the world even used the stuff in the famed El Bulli kitchen. Worth a pretty penny you’ll have this bottle in your cupboard for months making the splurge more than worthwhile.


Located in the centre of Sydney is Tetsuya’s, a restaurant refurbished on a heritage-listed site. Tetsuya Wakuda, the self-taught chef is a world renowned talent but what may be a surprise to you is the fact that he farms his own wasabi in Tasmania! Designing many of his own products to use in his world ranked restaurant he also makes a small range available to the more real world chef like yourself…

Tried and tested by us the Black Truffle Salt is the ultimate seasoning. Tetsuya suggests sprinkling it over wedges of heirloom tomatoes or over buttered toast. Combining sea salt with Italian black truffles, Tetsuya’s Truffle Salt has been developed to enhance the flavours of the simplest dishes.


The Queen Garnet is the royalty of all plums. Hailed as a superfood this fruit has been linked to a variety of health benefits with anti-inflammatory properties, anti-diabetic effects and weight loss benefits. Drippling a sweet deep purple it’s the winner of the purple fruits. Only in season from late January until early April the Queen Garnet plum is already in a limited supply so get your hands on one before you have to wait until 2018!


Black truffle flavours are infused into premium amber-coloured West Australian honey to create a beautiful, sweet truffle indulgence. Drizzling it over a cheese plate such as brie, camembert or gorgonzola, will create a gastronomic delight.


Hailing from France, soft and silky Le Dauphin is a dream to pair with many wines. Made from rich cow’s milk collected from the beautiful green mountain pastures surrounding the Rhône Valley, this cheese is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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March 9, 2017