RY.com.au to Open Retail Location

Our Best Kept Beauty Secret is Out

We should be used to exciting news by now, but when the news is this big…we can’t help but get a few butterflies in the tummy.

This locally established company has now become Australia’s largest online haircare and beauty store and we can confirm, they will be opening their first ever retail location at the Brickworks Centre. Keep your eyes peeled as RY.com.au will be opening it’s doors in the coming months so you can experience their 200+ international brands first hand.

“As a Gold Coast-based business, we have already established a strong reputation and brand recognition within the local community, and we feel opening this new store will provide an excellent opportunity for us to offer a high quality level of service to our customers across multiple formats” Co-founder James Patten.

So brace yourself, beauty is coming!

Photo by @jaydestella

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February 25, 2016