A Chat with Dr Neil Meigh of Pride Physiotherapy & Nutrition

Dr Neil Meigh’s PRIDE and Joy

With a plethora or degrees, accolades and healthy customers under his belt…it’s no secret Neil Meigh of PRIDE Physiotherapy and Nutrition is passionate about getting bodies moving and functioning at their very best! We were interested in finding out what motivated Neil to start on his physiotherapy journey and so we had a little heart to heart. Read Neil’s story below.

Late 2014 Gold Coast Dr of Physiotherapy Neil Meigh received the news that his sister Tina had been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer just days after giving birth to her first child. Tina lives in the Cayman Islands. Neil and Tina’s mother Anthea had travelled from the Sunshine Coast to give a helping hand after the birth of Elijah and was with Tina when they received the devastating news of her unexpected diagnosis. On December 11 Neil’s father Brian arrived in Miami where Tina had started an intensive course of chemo and radiotherapy. On December 12, less than 24hrs after arriving, Brian’s heart stopped. Without warning he passed away on the floor of their hotel room.

Sadly, Brian became another avoidable statistic. Neil is an Exercise Scientist, Personal Trainer and Physio, his wife Ashlie a medical Dr and GP Registrar. In spite of their warnings, which in Neil’s case had been on-going for two decades, he continued on a self-destructive path. Brian played golf regularly and was still active when he passed away. He had the stereotypical ‘beer belly’, although not caused by beer. He liked to drink, far too much, and his diet left a lot to be desired. The ‘belly’ was a sign of fat packed around his internal organs. His family used to tell him he was a heart attack waiting to happen and his health was a ticking time bomb. Neil maintains the human body is not invincible and we simply cannot subject it to the myriad of things which we know to be deleterious to our health; poor food-choices, smoking, alcohol (in excess) and physical inactivity without consequence.

“My Dad’s case isn’t unusual and the statistics related to cardiovascular disease and associated conditions makes for sobering reading. Roughly half of all adults in the Western world now pass away prematurely from avoidable diseases directly related to lifestyle factors. Think about it; every second person will die prematurely and due to their own choices and lifestyle behaviour. If you stand in your average shopping centre, you can see it.” Neil Meigh

PRIDE Physiotherapy & Nutrition opened at the Brickworks in Southport in December with a passionate team of health professionals dedicated to helping people avoid becoming another statistic in Australia’s epidemic of cardiovascular disease, obesity and physical inactivity. Under the Physiotherapy brand, PRIDE’s team of experts offer a range of services from Myotherapy and nutrition coaching, to group exercises and remedial massage. Dr of Physiotherapy Neil and his wife Dr Ashlie are two of only three Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructors on the Gold Coast.

You can find out more about PRIDE Physiotherapy & Nutrition on their website www.pridepn.com.au and take advantage of their FREE 15 minute consultation or range of monthly incentives to get people started on a path to living a happier, healthier life. After all, ‘health’ is our most precious asset; just ask someone who no longer has theirs.

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February 24, 2016