Gifts for your Graduate

There were ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations, tears and meltdowns. When it comes to the big milestones in in life it’s hard to trump one’s graduation.

With the University year coming to an end it’s a good bet to assume that you know a few from the Graduating Class of 16’.

What better way to congratulate your robed and starry-eyed graduate than with an unforgettable gift to see them though life’s next opportunities… challenges.

Another Love – The GW Lady by IRO Paris

This Chic form fitting mini skirt by IRO Paris is the ultimate office staple skirt. Creating a structured silhouette your graduate will make a lasting impression in the GW Lady Skirt.

Dwell – Duren Leather Tote Bag by Elk Accessories

The Duren Leather Tote Bag adds an air of equal parts sophistication and ambition. The unique design sends a message… the right kind of message.

Dwell – Natural Corruption Me Mens Belt by Status Anxiety

Make sure the graduate in your life is looking sharp this Status Anxiety belt in Natural Corruption… – Copper Luxe Dry & Style Gift Set by GHD

Nothing makes a lady feel more confident than having a good hair day. This doesn’t have to be a rare occasion with this GHD gift set that’s as slick and chic as it’s owner will be.

EyeConic – So Real Sunglasses by Christian Dior 

These So Real shades by Christian Dior are the perfect accessory for any graduate that doesn’t yet have a favorite pair. From the street and into the office, this style oozes sophistication and style.

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November 3, 2016