Happy New Year from Outland Denim

Sometimes you just want to feel good, have your heart warmed and a restored belief in the world. Thanks to Outland Denim we can chase that feeling. Supporting their brand quite literally makes the world of difference.

“Every pair of jeans purchased from their Brickworks pop-up helps to secure the future of one young woman by protecting her and her family from economic vulnerability, the root cause of so much indignity and injustice in the world, which human traffickers use to their advantage.” So join us this year by buying your jeans from Outland Denim. We guarantee you’ll not only love the quality, look and feel but the good vibes too.

Share the brand’s jean journey so they can offer even more young women the opportunity to join the Outland Denim sewing team. Your jeans purchase means their ticket to freedom and a better life!

So from their sewing team in Cambodia and their team in Australia, Happy New Year and thanks for the support!

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January 5, 2017