Join the Pride

Preparation is an essential part of our lives in making sure we are ready to face what lies ahead. So how do you prepare your body to ensure it performs at it’s best everyday? Pride Physiotherapy specialise in preventative physiotherapy, the kind of physical and nutritional preparation your body needs to face life everyday and reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

Pride Physiotherapy at the Brickworks have just opened their doors and want you to experience why so many people are making prevention physiotherapy part of their everyday routine. To get you through the door, here are a few opening offers for new customers:

Buy one massage, get one free

Buy one group class, get one free semi private or group class

Complimentary massage valued at $100 for all of our regular group and class visitors.

Wander into Pride Physiotherapy today for a chat and your free 15 minute body screen to assess your individual requirements. Located next to Bike Bug at the Brickworks South.

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December 8, 2015