A Moment with Everjewels’ Own Theo…

Everjewels is officially turning 10 years old! That’s right, it’s been an amazing ten years and the Brickworks Centre has been lucky enough to see the store ‘shine bright like a diamond’ for a good part of the decade. We thought what better way to find out more about Everjewels than taking some time with the man behind the jewels Theo Mousourakis himself…

Tell us a little bit more about the journey:
is a family operated business that is celebrating 10 years on the 6th of November. Both my father and brother share the same passion, back home my dad used to have the emerald mines in Zimbabwe. I myself have been in the jewellery industry for over 30 years.

What is your specialty:
I specialise in the remodelling of jewellery. I can use old gold and gemstones to create something new to be treasured for many years.

How long does it take to hand craft an Everjewels pieces:
I loves creating unique, one-off pieces of jewellery. A simple ring can be handmade in about 8 hours whilst the most complicated piece has taken up to two months.

What is your favourite diamond or gemstone:
A favourite gemstone of mine is the octagon emerald cut diamond. 

What is your one tip for purchasing a fine piece of jewellery:
When purchasing a fine piece of jewellery, the most important tip is to choose quality. Never buy something that doesn’t offer long term value over the years to come.

What piece is currently being worked on and what’s in store for us next:
Currently I’m working on a few pieces that I’m redesigning for a client from Adelaide including multiple pear shaped diamonds, a cocktail ring, and an aquamarine diamond bangle using an old ring of the client’s.

You have to keep your eyes open and drop in-store from time to time as I’m always creating a new piece of jewellery using precious gemstones that are in trending. At the moment morganite is very popular and we have few rings on display featuring the “Pink Emerald” as the main stone.

What is the most favourite piece that has been worked on to date:
Equal parts complicated, special and loved wasn’t just one piece of jewellery but a collection. It was a whole set of bridal jewellery that was created this year for a Princess from the royal family of Oman using diamonds and South Sea pearls. The set included a tiara, necklace, bangle and earrings as well. It was made using almost 200 carats of diamonds!

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November 7, 2016