Outland Denim Making Kind Cool

Opening up shop at the Brickworks Centre, Outland Denim is taking on the sex trafficking industry, on stitch at a time.

Beginning with an accidental but equally monumental encounter James Bartle, founder of Outland Denim, trekked to Asia and saw first the damage that befell young girls in the human trafficking sex industry.


As you can probably surmise the jean making journey of Outland Denim is a wonderful one. James created The Denim Project, an initiative to help those with an interest in sewing to further develop their skills in the craft. James with a personal love for jeans then founded clothing brand Outland Denim as a way to help eliminate exploitation in Cambodia.


Today, from a bright and clean training and production facility in Cambodia comes the highly specialised craft of Outland Denim jean invention and creation. Not only is the brand committed to overseeing the holistic care of their staff but also to source the most ethically and environmentally sound raw materials. Many girls subject to exploitation have been able to reclaim their safety by working as seamstresses for the brand.


Fast forward to now, Outland Denim is popping up at the Brickworks Centre offering cool, quality jeans for both men and women. If caring is cool then Outland Denim has to be the coolest. With the ethos of consuming less, less often, and buying better quality this is one brand that we can all get behind.

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December 21, 2016