Splendour Advice from the Experts

The flower crowns are forming, browlines are being bedazzled and the good vibes are-a-building. Australia’s version of Christmas in July, Splendour in the Grass, is just around the corner and we’re ready to dance our glitter covered gumboots off.

As much as the name suggests, Splendour ain’t no walk in the park. Muddy mosh-pits, rained out tents and hours of non stop groovin’ can all be a little hard to handle if you’re a first timer. Lucky for you, we’ve spoken to our seasoned Splendour veterans and compiled the ultimate Splendour in the Grass 2016 survival guide.


Confused yet? Yes it’s Winter, but remember it’s Winter on the South-East Coast of Australia. This means reasonably warm days dancing in the sun and chilly nights…dancing in sweaty crowds. You’re going to need to get strategic when it comes to outfit planning for the festival. As a rule of thumb, boots are always a good idea and don’t forget to wrap a jacket around your waist…you’ll thank us when the last band has played and you’re on the way back to your tent.


When it’s 5 degrees, the lineup is 50 people deep and you’re exhausted after a long day of dancing…the last thing you’re going to want to do is line up for a shower. Pack the baby wipes for a pre-sleep wipe down and drag yourself out of bed for an early shower the next morning.


It’s chilly out there and your lips are going to need some extra care on the brisk evenings of Splendour. Slip one of these little baddies from in your bag and you’re lips are back to their usual plump selves in less than 5 minutes.


Have you heard the legend of the Splendour in the Grass towel thief? Whether it be the friend who forgot their towel and needs to ‘borrow’ yours for a shower or the cheeky next door campers, you’ll soon realise an extra towel or two will never go astray. Fun fact, if you’ve got one as pretty as these Beach People roundies from St Barts, you can use it as a blankie as well.


Because getting those bindies in perfect place requires dedication, precision and a reflection.


It goes without saying, sunnies are the ultimate festival accessory. Hiding panda eyes, designer bags and shielding your eyes from that gorgeous winter sun are a must! Looking super fresh is made all that much easier wearing a pair of shades like these. Check out the impressive range of glasses at the EyeConic.


After eating pizza, fries and more pizza from the Splendour food stalls, you’ll find yourself wanting a healthy little snack to get you through until lunchtime. Pack yourself an esky with some fruit, health bars and if you’re prepared enough to pack a bbq, some bacon and eggs for a cooked feast. We love yummy goodies from The Standard Market Company and The Source Bulk Foods.

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June 29, 2016