Tax re-FUN

We’ve officially passed the half way mark of 2016, are you as shocked as we are?

July presents itself as a good time to reflect on those New Year resolutions that you made oh so many months ago now. If the reflection is unfavourable don’t sweat it, instead get started on those mid-year resolutions, which are much more achievable. Why? July 1 is a magical time where you can expect a financial influx HOORAH, and we have the top tips on how best to spend your tax refund and turn your year around.


1. Go big or go home and invest in something lastingly joyful like Prada. Scoot into the EyeConic where the most amazing collection of new Prada eyewear has just landed. The rest of your 2016 shines so brightly new shades are a must… justified!


2. No girl can resist a new lip colour to boost her mood and are pack leaders in their extensive range that’ll have you glowing from head to toe. Make it a pair affair and convince your other half to revamp their beauty regime too with some of the coolest male products we’ve laid eyes on.


3. A new financial year is the perfect time to rock a new look and is there a better investment than a leather jacket? We guarantee that a leather jacket from Kookai will pay dividends with every wear.


4. A happy house means a happy life and how could you not start the day with a smile on your face eating and drinking with Miss Étoile. Whilst your tax return may not get you to Paris, Miss Étoile kitchen and homewares can bring a French-esque glamour and chic element to your home. Scoot into Runway International who sports the most delectable range.


5. It’s an easy trap to fall into – denying yourself of life’s little luxuries. It’s about time that give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself on being you! Be your own BFF and buy yourself a bunch of flowers from Fleurus that are just as beautiful as you are.


6. If you’re return wasn’t as juicy as desired don’t worry because Spendelove have just the thing to put a smile on your dial. These Chocolate Banana Donuts are arguably the most satisfying, wonderfully delicious bites that could pass your lips. Post feed happy haze guaranteed.

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June 30, 2016