The Winter Re-Vamp

Take out those knits, find those Ugg boots and put the kettle on because winter is here. Whether it be entertaining friends and family or hibernating and cosying up on the couch we’ll all be enjoying more time at home that’s for sure. So embrace the cooler weather and give your home the lift it needs this winter.

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Throws, Knits and Blankets

Coming in a range of patterns and textures throws and blankets make for great interior decorating pieces. Despite the well thought out placement of your new home accessory it will most definitely be used to cosy up on the couch with a good book. Therefore your throw must be equally trendy as it is comfy. Pictured: The woolly Pom Pom blanket from St Barts.


We’re no strangers to cushions but who doesn’t have a healthy cushion addiction? They bring a sense of warmth and lavishness into our lounge and bedrooms. Not that you need any encouragement but be generous with the quantity this chilly season and have some fun mixing and matching. If we can make a suggestion start with light greys, olive greens and charcoal hues that will bring a natural warmth into your home.  Pictured: The Abella Cushion from Freedom Australia.


A new candle or infuser can make a great impact to your living space or bedroom. The right scent has the potential to re-energise a space, which is a powerful tool in winter. Follow your nose and find a scent that sets the mood you desire and transforms your space with it’s fragrance. Just on the down low though, we don’t think you can go past a pine scent in winter. Pictured: Voluspa from Runway International.


Art Pieces

There is no doubt that a new wall feature will give your home an instant lift. Trending this winter is metallic art pieces that have the ability to add a contemporary touch to any room. Be daring and opt for a bold piece of art that will breath new life into you home. Pictured: Gold Wall Decor from Globe Interiors.


An we can’t forget about the comfiest piece in the house the lounge i.e the thing you won’t be getting up off this winter. Opt for whites, greys or charcoals to match with any colour scheme. These choices will bring a warmth into your home without disrupting your existing colour palette. Pictured: The Jasper from King Living. 

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June 9, 2016